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Trojan Horse Mechanism

Aluminum in Vaccines is a Direct Path from Needle to your Immune Cells and Finally to your BRAIN by a “TROJAN HORSE” mechanism.

Pro Vaxxers, Be Forewarned!  Authors State: “These novel insights strongly suggest that serious re-evaluation of long-term aluminum adjuvant phamacokinetics and safety should be carried out.”

I have some recent research for you that provides a smoking gun to vaccine induced injury. This is one time I’d like to have the trolls I banned back on the page. I would want to read their name calling attempts to discredit the authors of the work, since discrediting an author is the means to your end when you cannot take on the story. So, let’s get to the amazing story.

This science comes from French researchers. I don’t think these people are anti-fluoride “whackos”, that might “discredit” their vaccine findings. The main research article is entitled: “Biopersistence and brain translocation of aluminum adjuvants of vaccines.” I think most of you can understand what the title alone is telling you. Aluminum adjuvants in vaccines PERSIST and are RELOCATED to the BRAIN.

I’ll copy and paste some passages for you:

“We previously showed that poorly biodegradable aluminum-coated particles injected into muscle are promptly phagocytosed in muscle and the draining lymph nodes, and can disseminate within phagocytic cells throughout the body and slowly accumulate in brain. This strongly suggests that long-term adjuvant biopersistence within phagocytic cells is a prerequisite for slow brain translocation and delayed neurotoxicity.”

Translation: aluminum crystals in vaccines are taken up (eaten) by immune cells, persist long term, and are relocated to the brain, where they accumulate!

The article continues stating that immune cells which pick up the foreign alum particles have but one mechanism to get rid of them – self destruction with acid secretion, which is the only means to solubilize (dissolve) the alum irritating particles. By a deranged immune reaction to the particles, alum is transferred to the brain through a “Trojan horse mechanism”. (Please read about the “Trojan horse” on Wikipedia if you are unfamiliar with that term.

“Concerns about the use of aluminum adjuvants have emerged following (i) recognition of their role at the origin of the so-called macrophagic myofasciitis (MMF) lesion in 2001 (3, 4), which revealed fundamental misconception of their adjuvant effect and pointed out their unexpectedly long-lasting biopersistence (4); and (ii) demonstration of their apparent capacity to migrate in lymphoid organs and then disseminate throughout the body within monocyte-lineage cells and progressively accumulate in the brain (5).”

Translation: The scientists were surprised aluminum last so long and it is carried within immune cells to distant organs like the brain, where it accumulates.

“The present paper will review these emerging characteristics of alum adjuvant particles that raise concerns about innocuity of this widely used compound.”

Translation: The mainstream pundits consider aluminum innocuous, but we have concerns!

I put forward here the abstract of their latest publication. My comments and translations are in brackets [ ].

Aluminum adjuvants of vaccines injected into the muscle: Normal fate, pathology and associated disease


Aluminum oxyhydroxide (Alhydrogel®) is a nano-crystalline compound forming aggregates that has been introduced in vaccine for its immunologic adjuvant effect in 1926. It is the most commonly used adjuvant in human and veterinary vaccines but mechanisms by which it stimulates immune responses remain ill-defined. Although generally well tolerated on the short term, it has been suspected to occasionally cause delayed neurologic problems in susceptible individuals. In particular, the long-term persistence of aluminic granuloma [a;uminum caused inflammation] also termed macrophagic [inflammatory immune cells] myofasciitis is associated with chronic arthromyalgias [joint and muscle pains] and fatigue and cognitive [brain] dysfunction. Safety concerns largely depend on the long biopersistence time [it persists a long time in the body] inherent to this adjuvant, which may be related to its quick withdrawal from the interstitial fluid by avid cellular uptake; and the capacity of adjuvant particles to migrate and slowly accumulate in lymphoid organs and the brain, a phenomenon documented in animal models and resulting from MCP1/CCL2-dependant translocation of adjuvant-loaded monocyte-lineage cells (Trojan horse phenomenon). [Immune cells trying to defend the body take up the aluminum and carry it elsewhere. Being “self” the poisoned immune cells can enter new areas, like the brain, where they self destruct leaving behind the toxic aluminum]. These novel insights strongly suggest that serious re-evaluation of long-term aluminum adjuvant phamacokinetics and safety should be carried out. [Hey world, we need a serious re-evaluation of aluminum safety in vaccines].

Folks, this is REAL serious business for you and for your children. The flu vaccine compelled upon many people is so full of aluminum that famous immunologist Hugh Fudenberg, PhD, now deceased, told a room full of doctors that 5 consecutive yearly flu shots dramatically increased the risk of Alzheimer’s. This report explains, years after the fact, and years after the pundits made a mockery of Fudenberg and integrative doctors like my peers, that the adjuvant is indeed highly dangerous. Why is it that the anti-fluoride whackos knew fluoride was toxic long before the current paradigm shift, and the anti-vaxxers knew there was a real problem with vaccines burning their children (Rome) while the Caesars (your rulers) play the violin and force setting more fires in your kids.

I don’t think that aluminum in vaccines is absolutely dangerous for everyone. If so, all children would be damaged (but the injury numbers are increasing by the month). Neither is a six-gun with a single bullet in the chamber dangerous for all 6 playing Russian roulette. Only one will die. If you knew which chamber had the bullet, you would know which person in the line would blow his head off. And, if you knew in advance which child has the propensity to carry aluminum around like a Trojan horse, you might know in advance which child NOT to shoot with an aluminum bullet.
( I’ll give you additional clips from these researchers: ). “Alum is deficient at initiating cell-mediated immunity and skews the immune response toward a T-helper type 2 (Th2) response.” Translation: aluminum wrecks the all important cellular immune response and pushes your immune system towards a response that can lead to allergies.]

“Aluminum has long been identified as a neurotoxic metal, affecting memory, cognition and psychomotor control, altering neurotransmission and synaptic activity, damaging the blood–brain barrier (BBB), exerting pro-oxidant effects, activating microglia and neuroinflammation, depressing the cerebral glucose metabolism and mitochondrial functions, interfering with transcriptional activity, and promoting beta-amyloid and neurofilament aggregation (56). In addition, alum particles impact the immune system through their adjuvant effect and by many other means. They adsorb vaccine antigens on their surface, which protect them from proteolysis thus forming a persistently immunogenic pseudo-pathogen (57). Alum particles may also bind undesirable residual products inherent to vaccine production procedures, as shown for HPV DNA sequences (58) or yeast proteins (59) that may be potentially hazardous (60). Finally, alum particles can directly induce allergy (61, 62) as other metals (63).”

Translation – this is one terribly nasty toxin you do NOT want injected into your body.
“The fate of particulate material was explored in mice by our team. We successively performed i.m. [intramuscular] injections of alum-containing vaccine, fluorescent latex beads, and fluorescent nanohybrids coated with precipitated alum (5). These materials were quickly captured by macrophages, a large proportion of which cleaved the injected muscle, mainly within immune cells, reaching the draining lymph nodes. Particle-laden cells then escaped the lymphatic system to reach the blood circulation, presumably via the thoracic duct. In so-doing, they were able to reach distant organs such as the spleen and liver and, much slowly, the brain.”

Translation – injected aluminum into your muscle is taken up by your immune cells, reach the general circulation and then redeposit the toxin in critical organs, inclusive of SLOWLY and cumulatively into your brain.

The latter is simply too important to ignore. The slow uptake by the brain can explain why you might not see a vaccine induced brain injury for some time after the vaccine. Then progression to, say, autism, will be considered a “random” event. I say “BULLS#@T” This is exactly why this phenomena cannot be properly studied. It can take days, weeks, m
onths, and perhaps years after a vaccine for the toxins therein to induce the carnage. By then the mayhem brain and immune effects will be considered by the pundits to be “random”, and you’ll be forced to inflict another potentially devastating vaccine on your child just to enter school.

Finally, one banned naysayer here tried to convince us that we get a lot more aluminum exposure in our diets since the metal is ubiquitous. That is true, but decidedly misleading. Aluminum in diet is not injected particles. First, your gut would not absorb particles. Second, aluminum in diet is poorly soluble and absorption is highly limited. (J Lab Clin Med. 1989 Sep;114(3):237-42.). Since the metal is common, God designed your gut to deal with what is natural and limit absorption of this dangerous but common metal.

Folks, I strongly encourage you to read the references I am providing. I respectfully ask the pro-forced vaxxers here to come back and offer logic and science refuting this killer information. I will not tolerate name-calling and hitting below the belt, either towards the authors or to me, or anyone on the page. I will ban you. Please respond respectfully as this is an important discussion concerning our progeny (and our own generation as well). To me, this information is really white hot and should be immediately carried by the concerned parents right to the doors of your legislative rulers, before we permit more kids to be knocked off in the horrible “game” of Russian vaccine-roulette. Please tell us, with reason, why you might disagree after reading.

Additional References and links:
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Volume 100, Issue 329, June 2016, Pages 85–94
Special issue: Cellular and tissular effects of aluminum

(NOTE: I am not the author of the above written article but the evidence contained in that said article  substantiates the claim that a strong possibility exists that vaccinations can and do cause harm to the unsuspecting innocent bodies of our children.)

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