Monday, February 9, 2015

Take Action: New Bill creates federal vax mandates

 TAKE ACTION: Federal Vaccine Mandates
Eliminates religious and personal belief exemptions

In the wake of the media hysteria over the Disneyland measles outbreak, California’s Senator Barbara Boxer (D) and Representative Anna Eshoo (D-Palo Alto), have proposed federal legislation that would for the first time impose Federal, as opposed to State, vaccine mandates to attend an educational program. The legislators’ bill entitled A Head Start on Vaccinations Act would require all children enrolled in Head Start to get all of the vaccinations recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) according to the CDC’s timetable. There would be no exemptions for religious or personnel beliefs.

Please click on the Take Action link to send an email to the two US Senators from your state and your member of the US House of Representatives letting them know that you oppose this bill.

And please call Sen. Boxer and Rep. Eshoo and let them know politely that you oppose this bill and believe they should reconsider it. Their office numbers in Washington, DC are below:

Sen. Barbara Boxer, Telephone: (202) 224-3553, Fax: (202) 224-0454

 Rep. Anna Eshoo, Telephone: (202) 225-8104, Fax: (202) 225-8890

Here’s why it should be opposed:

Parents have the basic right under the common law, basic morality and the Constitution to raise their children and to live according to their religious beliefs without interference from the Federal government as stated in the First Amendment.

The California Department of Public has confirmed that at least 22% of the people who have contracted measles in the latest outbreak were vaccinated for measles. How this bill would improve the efficacy of the measles vaccine is a mystery. No case has been made by Eshoo or Boxer on how this would improve public health.

More than half the people of the United States live in the 19 states, including Eshoo and Boxer’s California, where parents have the right to a final say on whether and when their children receive vaccinations.

Internationally the standard is for parents to have the final say on vaccine choice. This is the law in the UK, Canada, Japan, Ireland, Germany, Israel, Scandinavia, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, etc.

Forty-eight other states, all except Mississippi and West Virginia, allow exemptions for religious reasons.

The measles vaccine viruses are cultured on tissue original derived from aborted fetal tissue. Many people have profound  moral and religious misgivings about the use such a product.

If this passes it will only be a matter of time before the mandate would be extended to children who attend schools that receive Federal funding, such as IDEA funding for special education, student loan guarantees, etc.

 Currently there are no Federal vaccine mandates. This would greatly expand Federal power in an arena where they have not previously claimed any jurisdiction.

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